LOVE and HOPE was an event to raise money for children affected by the disasters in Japan through an exhibition and auction of artwork. 42 pieces were sold, raising a total of nearly 1,500,000 RMB. The proceeds from the event were donated to a Japanese children’s foundation to aid children affected by the disaster.

This event was organized by Huang Rui, Bérénice Angremy, Leng Lin, Liu Ye, Ma Yun, RongRong & inri, Shao Zhong, Wan Jie, Xia Jifeng, and the Smile Angel Foundation under the belief that art can transcend national boundaries and bring us together through love and hope.

LOVE and HOPE represents a concern for the common difficulties facing mankind, especially the mental and physical health of children. This event was an independent part of 2011 Caochangdi PhotoSpring – Arles in Beijing. LOVE and HOPE transcends all boundaries to welcome support from all quarters.

The official website of LOVE and HOPE is