I love the work of Maria Callas because her voice is heavenly and she sings more than just songs. For a similar reason, I also love piano music and even the form of the piano itself - it is just like a woman who reveals to me her grace, sexiness, desire and charm.

When Mr. Ambassador Libor proposed that I create a piece with his piano a year ago, an exhibition started to come into being, a sort of visual representation of the rhythm produced by the piano. Out of my respect for the piano, I took it apart but maintained its original materials and parts. It is a simple, and often necessary, means of creation to first take something apart or pull something down. Demolition has become one of the prevalent themes in my art and I call it "China - 拆那". This is because behind either a unanimous agreement or underlying disagreement, demolition is the strongest voice heard in every corner throughout China.

An embassy may be an unusual place to hold an art exhibition, but it does provide an incredible space. It has witnessed the overlaps, consistencies and inconsistencies between politics and language. From an artistic perspective, one can suppose the reality is absurd and absurd art is not necessarily unreal.

Huang Rui
January 24, 2011