Artists: Huang Rui, S/N Coalition, Zhang Dali, Zhang Ding
Curators: Michele Thursz and Bérénice Angremy
SEEK-ART in collaboration with Thinking Hands

RAZE is site specific, meant to be demolished or disappear.
The exhibition as a whole will feature a range of media, including sculpture, sound, and street actions.
The installation of RAZE, is its antonym, "to build"; these actions go hand in hand.
The action of being destroyed or erased, covered over or repurposed is more important than the object;
it's the action that carries the cultural memory.
The installation will activate the space.
The purpose is to create a situation that instigates a contemporary conversation engaging a diverse public.
RAZE plays with the terms of permanence and supports cultural transference between public,
industries, and genres. The exhibition begins as productions starts. Each QR Code appearing as part of this exhibition points to a media based project online.

Thinking Hands, Beijing:

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