Poetic Sky: A Visual Chronicle Of Li Xiaobin
Curator:Yun CHEN
Advisor : Bérénice Angremy

April 22 - May 31, 2012 

Visual Space

We are accustomed to standing in a fixed spot, taking a fixed perspective, and using the same eyes to
look at history, but independent photographers such as Li Xiaobin and Hu Jie have consciously broken
the habit. Average people with no fame or status have attempted to review and participate in history from a personal and non-governmental perspective. In this process of retrospection and participation, these photographers have ignored neither significant social events nor vivid details and hidden corners that only they can capture. Now I finally understand Aristotle’s words, “Poets are closer to the truth than historians.”
Zhang Yihe

Frankly speaking, I have nothing to say about Li Xiaobin’s photographs. I would have had something to
say in the 1970s, but it would have been a waste to do so at that time. Later, in the 1990s, lots of Li-style photography emerged. In the world of documentary photography, everyone took pictures in a similar way and we could only see the world with fish eyes. Photographers like Bresson and Capa did not seem to care about the models of their lenses.However, Li’s talent lies in his ability to accumulate fragments of the past, and he will continue to accumulate more as China opens to the world. He was not limited by ideology; he has an amazing instinct for judging people, and that is why his pictures have been beloved for generations. Li’s work will undoubtedly enter China’s photographic chronicles.
Zhong Acheng

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