EDUCATED YOUTH - The Weight of Images Passing Through Time
Canal No. 5 Visual Arts Center, Canal No. 5 Creativity Campus, Changzhou
June 21 - August 20, 2012

In collaboration with the Canal No. 5 Visual Arts Center, Thinking Hands and the curator Bérénice Angremy present Educated Youth: The Weight of Images Passing Through Time. This is the first large-scale exhibition in China for the featured photographer, Tang Desheng. Prior to this exhibition, these photographs had not been formally published or exhibited in China.

Beginning in 1969, Tang Desheng used his camera to document the lives of educated youth around Changzhou. Since 1979, Tang has photographed educated youth who returned to the cities or stayed in the countryside. In the last thirty years, he has accumulated a several thousand precious negatives.

This is an extremely good opportunity to recognize the historical memory of this unique generation. The exhibition captures their past smiles and tears, so that they are not easily forgotten by people today. Through these wonderful pictures, we can truly see the understanding, sympathy, and respect that the photographer has for the educated youth.